Wildflower Music Festival

wildflower review Tommy Mesa and pianist Ilya Yakushev

This review came in an email from a presenter…

“I cannot say enough good things about these two superlative musicians and how much the audience loved them.  They had the audience eating out of their hands from the moment they walked on stage until the last note.  Not only are they wonderful performers, but they are terrific to work with.  This was the second time working with Ilya and it was just as much fun as the first time, and Thomas just joined Ilya as our most favorite performers to have at the Wildflower Music Festival.  

The audience was mesmerized by their musicianship and their amazing synergy playing together.  Each one enhances the other’s playing during the entire performance, and they have such wonderful charisma both on stage and off.  As a presenter, I love that both of them have great rapport with the audience and a wonderful sense of humor.  Everyone enjoyed their comments about the music they were going to play, and their good natured kidding with each other.  As people were leaving the venue, they were all saying wonderful things about how terrific the concert was and how much they enjoyed attending.  That is exactly what any festival producer wants to hear.

Thank you, Lisa, for bringing Ilya and Thomas to our festival.  I am looking forward to having them again.”

Judi Mortensen,
Artistic Director, 2021 Wildflower Festival